Please Refer to the Fashion Page for:

1. List of Movies for V for Vintage

2. Submissions instructions for each event


Themes for "Theme it up" are:

1. Eras of Film

2. Changes

The Tutorials are a time-bound event - check the VIVUM YouTube Page and this space for more information on the choreographies on 6 August 2020. 


1. For Soliloquize, Click Here to access the script options

2. Poetry Slam: 2-3 Minute Long performance of an original piece titles "Safari"

3. Reel it Out: Theme - COVID-19 Comedic Stereotypes

4. Mime it out: An Encounter with a Tiger

5. For Play the Prose: Click Here to access the script options

6. Sell it up: Footage coming August 3


Body Canvas: Any Body art and makeup inspired by the theme "Seasons" on themselves or a model. Artwork must not be obscene, sexual, inappropriate, revealing or nudist. Any such entries, if deemed inappropriate by the OC and Art HODs will immediately be disqualified. 

Art it up: Participants can use and medium (including digital) of 2D and 3D art to interpret the theme "Merging Forms"

Kidspire: Participants can create any 2D or 3D art of any medium (including digital) and size. The pieces of art made must be inspired by one of the reference drawings which must be clearly mentioned. It is not necessary that all elements from the selected reference drawing must be recreated. Whichever elements are focused on must be clearly mentioned in the description.

Le Recyclage: Use of only recycled materials. Other materials such as paint and adhesives may be used to transform the piece, but not as the main component of the piece.


  • Clear picture of full final piece

  • Maximum 100 word description of piece (optional ONLY for Body Canvas)

  • 2 process pictures + 1 short progress video

  • Dimensions of the final piece must be clearly mentioned