VIVUM is comprised of two categories this year, the cultural section and the e-sports section. The e-sports department was recently formed after VIVUM was completely taken online, to provide a space to gamers and enthusiasts to watch and take part in a first of its kind contest, at Bangalore's largest (soon to be India's largest), student-led school-charity fest. Come and take part in two days of absolutely maddening event lineups, in our e-sports tournaments.

All events will be streamed live on YouTube! Amazing Cash Prizes coming soon!



The format is a Minecraft Build-Off. In this build-off, participants will be given a theme, and they have to build a creation of their choice within the time limit (10-15 minutes). This creative challenge will be judged by the audience, where they vote for their favourite creation, based on basic criteria like: 

  • Relevance to the theme

  • Aesthetic Appeal

  • Originality 

  • Creativity

This challenge is individual-only, schools only require one participant, but they may choose to register up to 4 people for this event. The players registered first will get preference to participate in the event.

Note: Any creations during the event that are not appropriate to the nature of the event will result in immediate disqualification.


For all football enthusiasts out there, if the lockdown has taught us two things: it's to appreciate the game we love & treasure FIFA for all eternity!


Come join us at Vivum as we go head-to-head against fellow football lovers in a knockout style FIFA tournament where every game is a chance for glory!

The matches will be played with 5 minute halves, and in case of a draw, we'll head straight into penalties to decide the winner.


*The tournament will be played on PS4.

*An active PS plus membership is required to take part.

*Format & Game-Time are subject to change.


A mega-classic, that combines two very different sports, football and racing - is at VIVUM this year! Come and show your interdisciplinary prowess, and win the grand prize! Register in Teams of 3! Well, you know about our FIFA Tournament. Now how about we mix it up with a little bit of vehicular action? Come join us at VIVUM E-Sports to compete in the Rocket League Tournament. Rocket League is a mega-classic that combines two very different sports, football and racing. It’s a game that can be played Cross-Platform, making it one of the most enjoyable games in the world and in our line-up. It's going to be a 3 v 3 match with players going toe-to-toe while being behind the wheel of a virtual pocket rocket! Come and show your interdisciplinary prowess, and win the grand prize! Register in Teams of 3!

Game Mode: 3v3, Best of 5


Get ready to flex your mental muscles in our cutthroat VIVUM XX chess tournament! It is time for all you Brainiacs to unleash the beasts: strategic thinking, abstract reasoning and most of all, patience. So bring your best skills and make your best kills! Be sure to participate in this fight for the intellectual crow, on "chess.com"! Mock tournaments will be held before the actual event, to sort out our participants, by ability. It will be played individually, not in teams, with each game lasting 15 minutes + 5 seconds increments. Win awards and trophies for your school and other exciting prizes! Cash prizes are also available for the top spot, so be sure to register today!