VIVUM is comprised of two categories this year, the cultural section and the e-sports section. The cultural section features talented students from schools in India strutting their best stuff, in the fields of music, drama, cooking, sports, fashion and other creative fields. Do you have what it takes to make it to the final round of the VIVUM cultural stream, and appease the public? Can you survive the daunting fury of the judges and truly be acclaimed as the best of the best? Go on and register today!







The VIVUM Music Festival is a streamed showcase of some of the best talents from schools across India. Whether it’s a solo act or a band, all performers are invited to send entries to be featured in the live-stream. Each performance must be 4:45 to 5:15 minutes long. Performances can be covers, arrangements or original pieces but originals should be of similar professionality as covers. Only for solo performances will backing tracks be permitted, but not preferred. 

A solo performance of one piece by one person, or band performance of one piece by 3-20 people, constitutes one entry. A school can have six entries in total. The only restriction on members is that one person cannot be part of more than one solo performance.

Participants will be judged separately based on whether they are solo acts or group performances, but broad judging criteria will include fluency, originality and musicality.


 Bring the Glamour and the Celeb of MET Gala home, and pose online. The VIVUM X MET Gala is here. An individual event where each participant must dress themselves by taking inspiration from Met Gala outfits and channelling themes like ‘Camp’, ‘Heavenly Bodies’, or even including latest fashion trends like hype beast streetwear. In order to be eligible, participants need to post pictures of themselves in their unique outfits on Instagram using the hashtag- #vivumxmetgala along with crediting the outfit that they have taken inspiration from.




Through this team event, the participants have to design their own outfits and model in them. The video of the process undertaken to design the outfits is necessary for participation. We would be judging the creativity and authenticity of the participants, along with adherence to current fashion trends and usage of sustainable materials. Each outfit should be inspired by a particular underlying theme.

Registration: 2-6 Members in a team, Max 3 teams per school


 'Tis the season to be VIVUM. Dress your best with this year's theme and stand a chance to take away the crown. This year’s VIVUM fashion department’s theme is Seasons. All participants have to dress up in outfits inspired by any four of the seasons (Autumn, spring, Summer and winter) that they prefer. The participants will have to walk in the season inspired outfit and send videos of 10-30 seconds long. This is only an individual event. The participants will be judged on the basis of suitability, fashion trend, and presentation


Can you handle the spotlight, the glamour, the glitter and the fame from the comfort of your home? The walk of fame is an online fashion show competition between different schools. This event would have three rounds. For the first round, each school team has to choose a specific theme whose significance must be made clear and depicted by the team members. The participants are required to send a video for this round and they would be judged on theme, walk, expression of creativity and presentation of the video. Only top 8 teams qualify for the second round and top 5 for the third round. All round two and round three qualifiers would have their entries presented on the VIVUM cultural livestream

Registration Details: 1 Team Per School. 4-10 Members




If you weren't obsessed with Tiktok, can we even call you trendy? Either ways, the #voguechallenge was so fire that we just had to incorporate it as one of our challenges. However, with a little twist: the vogue title must be substituted with a vivum title.The participants would be marked on creativity (outfit and template), aesthetic appeal/color scheme, hair/makeup and resemblance to real-life vogue covers. All entries must be uploaded on instagram with the #thevivumvoguechallenge and sent to the @vivum20 account. Head over to our instagram for some examples of portraits.


We love everything to do with V: whether its vivum, vendetta or vintage. As you hunt tirelessly for fashion inspiration, may we suggest a trip down memory lane? Find below a list of the most iconic movies with the most iconic styles to inspire outfits from. Pick a movie, pick a character and pick an aesthetic to imitate to the best of your abilities and send us your entries on or before the deadline! We’ll be judging you based on resemblance to the original character and supporting elements of the outfit (hair, makeup and accessories).

Below is the list of movies which participants must take inspiration from:


1. Clueless (1995)

2. Great Gatsby (2013)

3. Pretty woman (1990)

4. Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

5. Wall Street (1987)

6. James bond (1962-2006)

7. Grease (1978)

8. Romeo + Juliet (1996)

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

10. Niagara (1953)




Show off your inner Nicholson by enthralling us with your talent–infused portrayals. Can we handle the truth? A week before due, participants will receive a compilation of monologues from which they will have to perform. The recordings will be given to the VIVUM Drama department and will be judged on vocal & physical characterisation, character believability, dramatic build–up & impact, and appropriateness. Participants must register as individuals


Get your feather pens out for a chance to amaze us with your poetry skills! Are your own original contributions able to hold up next to the likes of those of Wordsworth or Kipling? A week before VIVUM, participants will receive a prompt and will be writing & performing (memorised) a 2–3 minute poem for Round 1. English & Drama teachers will judge the poems based on the selection, introduction, insight & understanding, characterisation, voice & diction, bodily action, and effectiveness. From those chosen in Round 1, participants will receive a second prompt to write & perform another poem over 2 days, with the winners being selected on the basis of writing & performance. Participants must register individually.


Make Kubrick proud with your very own cinematic masterpieces! Can you powerfully deliver a message through the visual medium? Participants will be randomly given one out of four characters or themes, and will be tasked with creating a 4–6 minute (credits included) short film based on their respective topics. Judgement will be based on cinematography, writing, audio–visuals, and audience impact. Participants can register as individuals or in groups of 2 or 3. 


Put Got Milk? to shame! Can your advertisement on par with the Legend27 commercial? Participants will receive a particular corporate sponsor for which they need to create a 1–2 minute advertisement revolving on the respective sponsor. Participants can use –– with the permission of the sponsors –– the company name, branding, and stock footage. The film will be due at the end of the day, and will be judged based on cinematography, writing, audio–visuals, and message clarity & persuasiveness. Participants can register as individuals or in groups of 2 or 3



Grab your berets and your top hats. Powder your faces, and deactivate those vocal cords. Participants will be given some stimulus material, from which they must craft a 1–2 minute mime performance. The recordings will be sent to the VIVUM Drama department for judgement. Participants register individually


Put your acting skills to the test! Are you able to impress us with your performances? A week before VIVUM, participants will receive 3 prose extracts to be performed (memorised). The recordings will be sent to the VIVUM Drama department for judgement, which will be based on the selection, introduction, insight & understanding, characterisation, voice & diction, bodily action, and effectiveness. Participants must register as individuals




There's a surprise round the corner. It's a theme - a theme that you have to exemplify through emotive dance, choreographed and shot in 2 weeks or less. Are you ready? A week and a half before VIVUM, participants will receive 2 theme options, around which they must choreograph an original routine. The video entries must be one-take, at a stationary camera angle and without any filters/text/etc. The themes can be interpreted in whichever way the participant(s) see fit, however, it should clearly translate in their dance. You could send us a brief 50 word write up about what you’re trying to depict if you’d like. Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, musicality , technique,  and energy + expressions. Are you ready for the time-crunch?


Registration: Maximum 6 participants in a team, 3 teams per school


It’s easy to copy the hooksteps from Bollywood music videos but can you nail an entire choreography in just 3 hours? In VIVUM’s Bollywood Tutorial challenge, participants will be given a quick-paced tutorial to a Bollywood number which they have to learn, execute and record, all in 3 hours. Entries will be judged based on expressions, musicality/technique and ultimately, closeness to the original choreography. Once again, all videos submitted must be one take with no edits/filters etc. Participants must register as individuals from their school


Do you have the figurative 'moves like jagger' in this Hollywood themed time crunch? Similar to the Nachedene Saare (Bollywood Tutorial) challenge, participants will be given a quick-paced tutorial to a Western choreography to learn, 3 hours after which they must record their perfected performance and submit their entry. Entries will be judged based on expressions, musicality/technique and ultimately, closeness to the original choreography. You can’t just do a body roll and hope it works. Do you have what it takes? Participants must register as individuals from their school.




Express yourself through the most fluid canvas there is - your body. Bring out important issues through your own creative expression - literally! What better way to express yourself than through your own personal make-up style, and decorating your body with makeup & impassioned photoshoots? Participants will be given a topic, or a couple of topics, and will need to use make-up to express these issues as best they can - complemented by a photoshoot! No extra rules or restrictions, save for your own personal style! Topics will be released shortly before VIVUM and results announced on the day of VIVUM.


Rules and regulations not your thing? No problem, we also have an open competition - just for you to explore your wild side! Participants will be given broad ideas, rather than niches or specific topics, and they are free to express themselves. Topics will be sent out a suitable amount of time before the final dates of VIVUM and the results will be released on the day of the competitions.


In the true spirit of planetary superhero genius, use the stuff lying around and create a masterpiece - show it off! Participants will be expected to use recyclable items, discardable things and other wastes in order to create a masterpiece. The use of any non-recycling or non-waste materials will not be permitted. More detailed information will be sent out closer to the dates of the competition and the submissions - and winners will be announced during the livestreams at VIVUM XX!


Take a trip back to the good ol' days of colouring books and kiddie comics, and get inspired! Create a piece based on these inspirations from the simpler days! We will be providing a few children's drawings as a reference and the participants have to create an art piece taking inspiration from these children's pieces. The inspiration used can be minimal like a similar colour scheme, a similar concept, or even an abstract piece. Any interpretation will be considered.





The days of the Dalgona Coffee challenge in quarantine are certainly over. But, the race to cook, the drive to create artisanal dishes - certainly hasn't! Do you have the culinary might to yield the knife to fame? This year's VIVUM will feature a cooking challenge. Dubbed VIVUM x Masterchef, participants will have to create a 6 minute time-lapse of them cooking depicting clearly their ingredients, process, and finished product. Participants must also create dishes of suitable difficulty, since they will be judged based on difficulty, creativity, presentation and efficiency of process. (Registration: Participants must register individually. A Maximum of 6 participants from each school will be allowed.